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I was born in Demark and spent my summers in the United States. My childhood passions were horseback riding and dancing. Like many teenage girls I was insecure and struggled with my self-image; particularly regarding my looks, weight, skin and perhaps worst of all, my dyslexia. As a young girl I was treated by an aesthetician who helped me with my scarring caused by acne. After this experience I decided I wanted to pursue a career in this field. It was the first time I felt like someone really heard me, and more importantly, could help me.

I started trying to understand what I could do differently to avoid the problems I was experiencing. This was the first time I also began to experiment with diet as means to improve my appearance. My life took a turn at 18 when a friend convinced me to enter the Miss World of Denmark Pageant. Although I had no experience in pageantry or formal training I was chosen to be Miss World of Denmark in 1994 and, went on to represent our nation in the 1994 Miss World Pageant in South Africa. This was a life-changing moment for me as I was now thrust into a world where physical appearance became paramount.

This experience afforded many new opportunities for me to pursue a career in beauty. After the Miss World Pageant, I was hired by an international cosmetic company to be the face of their product line in the Middle East. Traveling extensively to Dubai, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi for photo shoots, I began to develop a greater sense of the correlation between my diet and my complexion. During this period, I continued to pursue my studies at Unicos cosmetology school in Denmark for aesthetics, Skincare, nutrition and make-up. After getting my degree I was first hired by Helena Rubinstein then by Christian Dior as a skin care consultant to clients throughout Denmark.

At 22 I was signed by Click Model Management in New York City and began what would be a 15-year career as a professional model. Over this period, I traveled the world working all formats of the modeling industry; including runway, catalogue, print, TV, advertising and showroom. My client list includes LePerla, Victoria Secret, Versace, Masschino and many others. It was a hectic life filled with travel, social events, promotions and a lot of pressure. Eating right and resting was not a priority and It became overwhelming as I struggled with my weight, stamina, and general well-being. Like many models I resorted to taking short-cuts in order to keep my energy up and weight down. Energy, drinks, diet supplements and other short-cuts became the norm as my health began to steadily deteriorate until I ended up in a serious health crisis. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved what I was doing, but the pressure I was putting on my self was very destructive; my body could just not keep up.

My life took a turn when came down with Epstein-Barr. Imagine not being able to wash your hair? It was like being in a bubble that had no oxygen. I could not find the answers to my questions from the medical community either. Totally frustrated and feeling alone, I began to experiment and research on my own. It was through this process I developed my diet which, in addition to promoting sustainable weight control, I believe supports total wellness in mind and body.

Today I am so very proud of the many people, who I have been able to help with weight-loss, skin conditions, and digestive track issues and I am happy to share my experience with whoever may need it.